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Sonix-1000  Non-Contact Liquid Level Sensor.

Monitors from One to Seven Tanks. No Calibration. Continuous digital indication of level in each tank in Feet, Inches, Meters and volume in Gallons, Liters, Barrels.
Outputs: RS232C computer output, 4-20 mA current output, up to 3 alarm relays per each tank. Also optional duplicate remote display to show tank level/volume in another location.

UC-4000  Non-Contact Liquid Level Sensor.

Monitors Up to Nine ( 9 ) Tanks of Any Size Without Calibration. Continuous indication of each tank as above. Same outputs as above. Also optional duplicate remote display.
Level Sensors: UC-4000 can sense up to 9 tanks & provide level control. UC-4000

UL-1000   Non-Contact Liquid Level Sensor.
Monitors One Tank. Continuous Digital Indication of Level or Volume. High and Low alarm relays. No Calibration.
Optional outputs: 3 relays, 4-20 mA, 1-5VDC, RS232C.

LP-10   Non-Contact Liquid Level Sensor 
               with Direct Pump & Valve Control.

Monitors one tank. Controls 1 or 2 pumps. Continuous Digital Indication of Level or Volume. High and Low alarm relays. No Calibration.
Optional outputs: 4-20 mA, 1-5VDC, RS232C.

UL-100   Non-Contact Liquid Level Transmitter.

Continuous Digital Indication and 4-20 mA output, No Calibration, AC or DC power.
Optional outputs: 1-5VDC, RS232C.

Sonix-40   Non-Contact Liquid Level Transmitter.

Small Size, Low Cost, Short Range, Continuous 4-20 mA output, 24VDC power.
Optional outputs: 1-5VDC, RS232C.

Liquid Level Sensors Overview
- glance at all pictured.

Transducers - Sensors
- choice of ultrasonic transducers (including EXPLOSION-PROOF) for use with the above level controls. For suggested transducer mounting go to    Mounting Suggestions.

SoniGuard Plugged Chute Monitor - Ultrasonic Bulk Solids Level Control in Chutes and Hoppers. Control Plugged Chute, Flow/No Flow detection, High/Low level.
Bin, Hopper Level Control. Free Flow Chute Monitor.

AG-10 Air and Gas Velocity Meter
- measure velocity of flow in ducts and pipes.
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Features:Ultrasonic Level Sensor
No maintenance, easy installation.
No calibration.
No moving components.
Not affected by fumes, vapors or condensation.
Automatic temperature compensation.
Long lifespan when properly applied - 20 years or longer!
All US made, exported worldwide.

Applications and Use:
Our non-contact ultrasonic tank level & volume monitors (sensors) do not touch the monitored liquid.
Used for sensing of chemicals, diesel, oils, fuels, jet fuel, gasoline, blanketed tanks, acids, alcohol, caustics, paints, acetone, lubricants, pulp and paper, adhesives, creams, lotions, latex, epoxies, viscous fluids, slurries, glues, foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals. Also shipboard monitoring.

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> Level Sensors Overview.
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Sonix-1000 shown:
Level Sensor Sonix-1000 liquid
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Having 30 years experience in ultrasonic level sensors, you can be assured that our products will perform according to the specifications and to your satisfaction. If not, we offer a full money return.

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