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Just install our product and turn power on. It will be working for you! It's that easy to use.

If you need to purchase electrical items such as alarm lights, buzzers, annunciator, coaxial cable, etc. for use with our tank level sensors, we have provided below here related links for your convenience. You can click on the links below and view these products on web site. You can then purchase these items there, if you wish to do so.

Our alarm relays are dry contact, meaning there is no power. To use alarm lights or horns, you have to connect any external power, 110 VAC, 24 VDC, 12 or 6 VDC. The alarm lights or buzzers should be mounted outside our enclosure, wherever they serve best.

Our alarm relay contacts power rating is 50 Watts. Please make sure that at 110 VAC connected, the alarm light or horn does not consume more than 0.4 Ampere, or 400 mA. Please let us know if you have any question about this. You can email us the information about the light or buzzer you plan to use and we’ll check to make sure the power rating is not exceeded.

The sketch below shows wiring of high alarm relay, which is at terminals SP1.  The low alarm relay (terminals SP2) can be wired in the same way.