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Suggested Mounting of Level Sensors (Transducers):

There are many ways to mount transducers. Shown below is the simplest way. Drill hole in the tank opening flange and tap the hole with 3/4 inch NPT female thread. Our transducer threads in. The transducer cable should be placed in conduit, to protect it from elements.

Level Sensor Mounting

Standard transducers 7508 and 2006 will fit 2 inch opening. Transducers 4012A, 4012BS (316 stainless steel) and 4012BS/CSA (stainless steel explosion-proof) fit 3 inch opening. We have several other transducer models to fit smaller openings.

For liquid monitoring applications, transducer should be mounted vertical. It does not have to be in the tank center. However, the transducer should not be positioned in front of the inlet pipe or too close to the tank wall. As a rule of thumb, the minimum distance from the wall should be 10 % of the tank height, assuming the wall is relatively smooth. For tanks 20 ft. or higher, two to three feet distance would be adequate.