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Non-Contact Liquid Level Sensors
& Tank Level Controls

Just install our product and turn power on. It will be working for you! It's that easy to use.

UL-1000 Series Continuous Level Sensor:

Our Motto: Just install UL-1000 and turn power on. It will be working for you! It’s that simple to use.




Are used to continuously monitor (sense) and indicate level, depth or volume of liquids, slurries or solids in tanks. The basic difference between models is the tank height.

The sensing is non-contact

Transducer is mounted above the highest level in tank and thus will not touch the material. The monitor transmits an ultrasonic signal directed toward the monitored surface and measures the time to receive the reflected echo. The time is then converted to depth or level of liquid in tank. This enables an accurate measurement over the entire range.

The sensors are heavy duty

Designed for durability in harsh industrial environments. Installed properly, they will operate trouble free for a long time, requiring no maintenance. Breakdowns are minimized by a conservative design and many years of field-proven test experience. The sensors are immune to acoustic and electrical noise and turbulence. They are not affected by radio, radar or microwave transmission.To assure a trouble free operation, the circuit has several frequency filters, squelch filter, signal integrator, missing ultrasonic pulse detector, automatic gain control, temperature compensation, signal averaging and output damping for a steady indication. Two on-board indicating lights allow checking the operation at glance; the green light announces every transmitted signal while the red light announces every valid echo received.

The transducers are industrial grade

Hermetically sealed, non-corrosive in a PVC housing (std.), 316 stainless steel, Teflon or Kynar. All are intrinsically safe with one model in 316 stainless steel housing approved for Class I, Groups A, B, C & D hazardous environments. The transducer is connected to the controller via a coaxial cable and can be remotely mounted up to several hundred feet, depending on model. Please, see the Transducer page for detailed information. For suggested transducer mounting, Click Here.


  • Digital Indication of Level.
  • High and Low alarm relays.


  • UL-1000 ……… 0-15 feet tank height
  • UL-2000 ……… 0-40 feet
  • UL-3000 ……… 0-80 feet


+/- 0.25% of span


+/- 0.15%


115 VAC +/- 15%, 10VA (std.)
220 VAC +/- 10% (opt.)
12 VDC or 24 VDC (opt.)


Outdoor NEMA-4X, IP65, 9″x7″x4″.
Operating temperature -20 F to +150 F.


With UL-1000 …. #7508, PVC housing, 9″ blind zone, 2″ diameter, range to 15 feet.
With UL-2000 …. #4012A, PVC housing, 18″ blind zone, 3″ diameter, range to 55 feet.
With UL-3000 …. #2310, PVC housing, 21″ blind zone,
range to 80 feet.

See TRANSDUCERS for detailed description and dimensions.For suggested transducer mounting, Click Here.


#4012BS = 316 stainless steel housing.
#4012BS/CSA = 316 SS, CSA approved for all Class I, Groups A, B, C & D. Ranges to 35 ft, blind zones 15″-18″; both above.
#7508-Teflon = full Teflon housing, 9″ blind zone.
#4012-Teflon = full Teflon housing, 18″ blind zone.
#2006 = PVC housing, range to 5 ft., blind zone 5″.


RG62/U, 30 ft. installed with transducer. Longer cables available when ordered.


8-digit LCD display, in feet (std.). Optional display in inches, gallons, liters and meters.


two adjustable set points with 50W SPST relays, independently adjustable. Configured for High and Low alarm.


  • 4-20 mA current output into 400 Ohms.
  • 1-5 VDC output.
  • RS232C computer connectible output.


18 months from the date of shipment under normal use. The warranty carries no liability, expressed or implied, beyond the obligation to repair or replace the part under warranty.

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